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Are you ready for Mobilegeddon II?

It looks like Google is at it again. As recently as a couple weeks ago, Google decided to hit us over the head with another mobile search engine update. Their first update of this type, called Mobilegeddon, took the Internet marketing and online business world by storm. This first happened back on April 21, 2015, and it changed the way that we performed search engine optimization forever.

Guess what? It just happened again!
Mobilegeddon II is an additional update to the first that made further changes to the mobile algorithm.

Is this the first time hearing about this update? Your website could be suffering needlessly, and it may have been struggling for more than a year if you missed the first notice. Google has been upfront and honest about Mobilegeddon and thankfully they gave businesses plenty of time to prepare.

To help you understand what these updates are all about, we are going to discuss versions one and two and tell you about the ways that they have impacted search marketing and what you can expect.

Mobilegeddon Changes Round 1

When this update first came into existence in April 2015, it brought about many changes to the Google algorithm. Those changes include:

  • A separate mobile algorithm – when this change first took place, before it even happened, Google announced that they would be creating a separate mobile algorithm.
  • Mobile friendly websites – you had until April 21, 2015 in order to develop a mobile friendly website without experiencing being penalized. If you did not have a mobile friendly website by that time, Google was going to exclude you from mobile search results and you would miss out on all of the traffic that it has to offer – more users access the Internet and Google via mobile devices than desktop computers at this point.
  • Websites in compliance didn’t experience any traffic losses – if you made the necessary changes prior to the fateful day in April, your website didn’t suffer one bit. But if you ignored Google, your website should have paid the price.

As you can see, there were serious consequences when this update was first released. And now another version of this update has just been released for a second time.

Mobilegeddon Changes Round 2 (Mobilegeddon II)

If the initial changes last year weren’t enough for you, then I’m happy to tell you that Google updated its mobile algorithm once again. The changes that they made are as follows:

  • Mobile friendly websites are now a ranking signal in Google – if you ever intend to achieve high search engine rankings, now is the time to make your website mobile friendly. If you do not have mobile readiness on your site, Google will penalize you and keep you out of the search engine rankings altogether. As of May 2016, this is now part of the Google algorithm for mobile and regular search.
  • Mobilegeddon II impact – as of yet, it’s still difficult to tell how big of an impact this recent update will have on mobile and regular search. Stay tuned for more.

Are you having a tough time staying on top of Google algorithm changes? Contact us to find out how we can help you navigate Mobilegeddon II and SEO in general.


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